Creativity and passion always go hand in hand. And it was 20 years ago that the passion of a father and his two sons that introduced the world to the creativity of Jodhana Art & Crafts. These three men from a family of meager means started Jodhana in 1999 as a small workshop from the back of a garage in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The initial projects revolved around making doors & windows for houses around the city. But over time, Jodhana Art & Crafts has evolved into a firm that boasts of a wide portfolio of furniture with high standard to the world.

The name Jodhana was inspired by its place of establishment, which is Jodhpur. Just like the city’s history and heritage, Jodhana Art & Crafts has a rich history of creating and delivering high-quality, affordable furniture. It is all in Jodhana’s approach, which is simply a straight forward one. Everyone at Jodhana Art & Crafts believes in offering the best value for furniture accompanied by excellent customer service, anytime and everywhere.

Vision :

Jodhana Art & Crafts has a vision to establish itself as a well-admired furniture brand from India. It envisions boasting a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable furniture, which further facilities its prudent CSR activities.

Mission :

Jodhana Art & Crafts aims to…

Establish itself as the leading furniture brand from India

Fill the vacuum of high end furniture on affordable price in Indian furniture industry

Deliver excellence to every customer, every time and every day

Philosophy :

Jodhana Art & Crafts was started as a family venture, which continues to grow strength by strength. This togetherness and unity at the core of Jodhana is the driving factor of this family business. Jodhana treats each one of its customers and associates as a part of their family. The mutual growth of its associates and the satisfaction of customers is important to everyone at Jodhana. This philosophy of Jodhana Art & Crafts is in line with their vision to continue to build a leading furniture brand in the most positive and friendly manner.

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